The Legend of the  Sopaipilla

Rotarian Ken Webster was responsible for introducing the sopaipilla, also spelled sopapilla or sopaipa, to the club and to the Youth Fair. (A sopaipilla is supposed to be a kind of fried pastry, or quick bread.) With great fanfare, Lakeshore Rotary manned our first and only booth at the Fair. Despite super-human efforts on be-half of all Rotarians involved, Sopaipillas received minimal acceptance by the Berrien County community. In fact, minimal acceptance would be a gross overstatement of fact. There were few if any actual confirmed sales of the supposedly eatable items. Farm animals at the fair were rumored to have moved to the downwind end of their pens from the Sopaipilla booth. Some Rotarians stored sopaipillas in their refrigerators or freezers, only to find they had a half life of 320 years. The Club lost money, and hasn‘t had so much fun in many a year.

By Dr. Fred Schmidt